New Season Figs Released

With the arrival of autumn, figs, which are one of the delicious tastes offered to us by nature and colored on our tables, are here again with a fruitful season! The flavor provided by this magnificent fruit was welcomed by consumers when it took its place on the shelves.

Fig is a fruit that is indispensable for our tables with its taste and health benefits. With its sweet and soft inner structure hidden under its thin crust, it cheers the palate with every bite. Fig, which is also a natural source of energy, also supports digestion thanks to the fibers it contains.

Fig is a fruit that grows in the Mediterranean climate. Turkey ranks first in the world in fig production. Fig is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. Minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and iron in its content are very important for human health. Figs are also rich in fiber. Fiber helps the digestive system work healthily. While the various vitamins and minerals in their content strengthen our immune system, it also helps to reduce the risk of anemia with iron content. Being rich in antioxidants, it protects our cells against free radicals, thus reducing the effects of aging.

With the arrival of autumn, the scenery we are accustomed to seeing on the stalls is colored by the abundance of new-season figs. Fig trees spend the summer productively and form their delicious fruits in autumn. Figs collected during this period are brought to our tables with their taste at the peak of their maturity. When it's time for the bountiful harvest, the stalls are overflowing with figs. This fruit, which is preferred for both fresh consumption and dried form, finds a wide range of uses from meals to desserts.

As consumers, we experience great excitement and satisfaction when the new season figs take their place on the shelves. The fact that these fruits come to our tables in their freshest and most delicious form not only satisfies our taste buds but also contributes to our health. The taste that spreads in the mouth with each bite of thefigs is one of the most beautiful gifts that nature offers us.

While consuming this wonderful fruit that adds color and flavor to our tables, both our palates and our bodies are cheered up. You can also access this flavor safely and effortlessly from the Ufresh website and stores by decorating your tables with new season figs.