The delicious chestnut candy products, which are grown in Aydın and processed in Bursa, are now available at Ufresh. Continuing to bring together experts and preferred brands in its field, Ufresh started to sell Kafkas chestnut candy products in its stores and on its website.

You can find the products of the Kafkas brand, which is one of the first brands that come to mind when chestnut candy is mentioned, on the Ufresh website and stores. It brings together different varieties of chestnut candy, the famous flavor of Bursa, and offers it to its customers with the guarantee of Ufresh, ensuring that this flavor is available to everyone whenever they want.

Ufresh, which has gained the trust of its customers with the compliance of its products produced in its modern facilities with hygiene and quality standards, attaches great importance to the same standard production in the leading brands in its field, which it adds to its product range, and sees it as a mandatory feature to meet hygiene and quality standards.

Whether plain or chocolate chestnut candies, you can safely access the Ufresh brand. All you have to do is select the product you want through this link on the Ufresh site and add it to your cart.