Chocolate 333

Every Moment Fresh

Every Moment is Delicious

As Ugur Group of Companies, 66 years ago, we embarked on a long journey with the goal of “happy moments”.

In the first years, we made ice creams from the fresh fruits of Nazilli, whose flavor is unforgettable even after years.

We implemented Ugur Cooling to stay fresh every moment; We took our place in the most beautiful and most delicious moments.

With Ufresh, we have sweetened life with many products from apricots to hazelnuts, from figs to peanuts; We always knew how to savor the moment.

Now, we have created a brand new experience focusing on pleasure and appealing to all senses with our sincere feelings; In this brand, we have included a variety of chocolates, cakes, cups and many more flavors.

We have presented Chocolate 333, which is waiting to be discovered with its seasonally changing menu and daily fresh products.

If you want to enjoy the moment like us and make every moment delicious, we welcome you to Chocolate 333.

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