Cavendish & Harvey Sugars Now on Ufresh

Increasing its product range day by day, Ufresh started to sell the famous German brand Cavendish & Harvey products both in its stores and on its website.

Cavendish Harvey, whose flavored and sugar-free candies are especially admired, is sold in more than 80 countries around the world with over 70 years of experience. Aiming to keep the best quality products in its field together, Ufresh has started to sell the world's most famous sugar producer Cavendish & Harvey products in its stores and on its website.

In addition to the mixed, stuffed and gourmet series products of Cavendish & Harvey, there are also Sky Candy products. You can find fruity varieties and mint candies from Sky Candy products in the Ufresh brand.

With more than 70 years of experience in confectionery and this experience, which offers you real fruit flavors, especially without artificial coloring, in the products of the high quality brand, you can order with the Ufresh brand. Just click the link to see the variety of Cavendish & Harvey confectionery and place an order.