What Are the Nuts That Will Support Our Brain Strengthening?

Like a powerful, energy-hungry machine, your brain is always in need of nourishment. It regulates how you feel and think, your emotions, your memory, your speech, and many other things. So, if you want it to continue to work at its best... [...]

What Should Those Who Have Nut Allergy Do?

While nuts are part of a healthy eating plan, they can cause allergic reactions for some people. Nut allergy occurs as a result of the body's defense system accidentally reacting to nut protein. [...]

Which Nuts Are Allergens?

Nuts are among the foods that can cause allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are manifested by a series of symptoms that occur as a result of the body's defense system responding. [...]

What Are the Suggestions About How Nuts Should Be Consumed?

Nuts can be consumed as part of a healthy eating plan. However, consumption patterns are also important. Here are some suggestions about the consumption of nuts; Attention should be paid to portion control of nuts. Excessive consumption can cause weight gain and obesity. [...]

Which Nuts Should Be Eaten During Ramadan?

The month of Ramadan is a month filled with the sahur meal eaten before the morning prayer and the iftar meal eaten after the evening prayer for fasting. Nuts are often preferred as an energizing snack during fasting times during the month of Ramadan. [...]

Ramadan Nuts Package

During the month of Ramadan, many people go through the day without eating by fasting. Therefore, it is extremely important to consume enough healthy foods to break their fast. Nuts are frequently preferred foods to provide energy and reduce the feeling of hunger during fasting times. Also, nuts c [...]

Do Nuts Have Any Harms?

Nuts can be beneficial when consumed as part of a healthy eating plan. However, in some cases excessive consumption of nuts or in some personal situations can be harmful. [...]

What is the History of Nuts?

Nuts have been an important food item consumed by people throughout history. The history of nuts goes back to ancient times. For example, in ancient Egypt, nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds were used for medicinal purposes. [...]

How Should Nuts Be Stored?

It is important to store the nuts correctly to preserve their freshness. The storage method of nuts may vary depending on the type and processing method, but in general, these tips may be helpful. [...]