What is Date, What are Date Types?

Persimmon, which is a fruit that is frequently consumed in Ramadan in our country, takes its place on the tables and kitchens in daily life with its unique taste.

The date fruit, which has a valuable place in our culture; In addition to being served as a treat to guests during home visits, it is also frequently consumed as a snack with its easy consumption and unique taste.

With different varieties dates; It differs from each other in terms of taste, color and softness.

There are many varieties of dates accompanying our tables. The taste of dates grown in Tunisia is more sugary. The seeds of dates grown in areas such as Palestine, Iran, Lebanon and Jordan are slightly smaller. date palm; There are different varieties such as Ajve dates, Safavi dates, Jerusalem dates, Medina dates, Baghdad dates, and Iranian dates. It is also divided into fresh and dry dates. The most preferred dates Medina dates and Jerusalem dates. The Medina date is light brown and grows in and around Medina. It is smaller in size than other date varieties and the shell section is thinner. It is one of the varieties that is meaty and soft. Jerusalem dates have a soft texture. In addition, its brightness is higher than other date varieties.

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How Many Calories Is 1 Date?

There are 75 grams of carbohydrates, 2.5 grams of protein and 0.4 grams of fat in 100 grams of dates. There is no saturated fat or mono and polyunsaturated fat in dates. Dates do not contain cholesterol. It has a rich content of 2 mg sodium, 656 mg potassium, 43 mg magnesium and 39 mg calcium. It also contains 10 IU of vitamin A and 0.2 mg of vitamin B6. 1 of the dates is 15 grams and 42 calories.

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How to Dry Dates?

Colored but not reddened and unsoftened dates from the date tree are preferred and collected without damaging their stems. The collected dates are cut with the help of garden shears so that their stems take a T shape. Their skins are peeled off like apples and tied with a rope from the stems in pairs or in five. They are kept in boiling water for 10 seconds so that they do not touch each other and each surface is in contact with the air. Dates are left to dry by hanging them in a windy or air flowing place.

What are the Benefits of Dates?

Although there are findings obtained as a result of many scientific and clinical studies about dates, it is not possible to talk about the benefits of dates within the scope of Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims.

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